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Finally a scale that’s affordable, accurate, and simple to use


The TruckWeight Wireless Smart Scale surpasses all the functionality of conventional hard-wired on-board scales, and without the high cost of wires, cables and fitting hassles.  With a touch of a button, you can easily measure your vehicles weight and axle loading, saving you time, money & worry.


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A few weeks ago I purchased a set of TruckWeight scales, I have been in the trucking industry for over twenty years and never before have I found a set of scales so accurate.  After just putting my new truck on the road earlier this year I felt it was a great chance to try something new – from now on      Truckweight scales will be the only way for me.  I now travel with that great feeling (of knowing you’re at your maximum load capacity but you are still legal).”

John Goninon (Owner Driver NZL Transport Ltd) Drives a 2006 International 8x4 & 4 axle Trailer


“ I’ve used the TruckWeight scales for the past 12 months in some of New Zealand’s typical up & down weather conditions.  Being centrally located in the North Island i am always headed in a different direction not knowing where i will end up or what my load home will be.  Each and every time the scales give me an accurate reading.  It’s a great feeling knowing that at all times I am loaded safe and legally, also that my loads are always loaded to the maximum for the best pay rate.” 

Trevor Ryan (G.J Sheldrake Ltd    TOKOROA NZ)  Drives a 2004 Freightliner   Argosey Truck & Trailer unit